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english setters: The english setters history can be traced  back 400 years to England.  The English Setter used to "set" when on point.  It would drop or sit when it came in contact with birds.  The modern setter stands up on point.  The English setter often points with a high tail and front foot lifted and it's head pointed towards the game it scents.  The english Havelock Rustysetters are used  primarily for hunting upland birds.   The coat is medium to long, The colors are white, with black, tan, chestnut, or orange spots and ticking.  The average english setter weighs about 60 lbs. and is 24 inches tall at the shoulder. There are show strains and field types of english setters.  Both types have kind personalities.


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North Dakota: 
  • Champion bred English Setters for sale
    Havelock Setters  Quality English Setters since 1980.  We hunt our dogs!  Puppies and started hunting dogs sired by our champions or sons of champions.  1995, 1996, 1999 and 2004 North Dakota Pheasant Champions.  North Carolina Open Shooting Dog Champion and Purinaź Chosen by Champions - Havelock Blacksmith.  2005 Florida Continental, Runner-Up Champion (114 entries) Havelock Citation.  Pups available year round from smart, high tailed, proven bitches with good noses.  Guaranteed safe airport delivery.  Havelock Setters - Home of Champions! Call 701-579-4703, or click on our websites, www.englishsetters.com, www.esetter.com.





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